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Chances for USA and Afghanistan to particpate in 2010 T20 WC

Good News for Cricket Lovers. Now, Afghanistan and the United States of America (USA) will also try their luck to qualify for the 2010 World Twenty Twenty (20-20) World cup championship, which will be held in October 2010. This news has been reported by the ICC, the Governing body of Cricket International Cricket Council. Already 2 new team are participating in this upcoming 2009 T20 Twenty Twenty World Cup.

Picture of Local Cricket in Afghnaistan

Picture of USA Cricket Player

Along with Afghanistan and United States of America, there will be some other team as well and those teams are Ireland, Canada, Kenya, the Netherlands, Scotland and the UAE (United Arab of Emirates). They all will try to find their place in the race for the 2010 Twenty Twenty 20-20 World Cup. Out of those above mentioned team, there will be only two team will be qualified for the 2010 Twenty20 2010 World Cup championship.

ICC International Cricket Council trying their best to excite US people about the great game of Cricket. They think that 20-20 format game is the best way to excite and attract them. While, Afghanistan has already found the position in the 2011 World Cup.

Meanwhile, the 2009 T20 Twenty20 (20-20) tournament is being organized in England in June 2009.

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  1. Afghanistan in 2011 world cupp??? Who said this?

    Thanks, IT

  2. now afghanistan already qualified :)

    and USA ,, hahahahahha.....


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