Cricket World Cup Winners 1975-2007

We all have now start guessing who will win the 2011 Cricket world cup which is being hosted by 3 nations India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pakistan were also the part of the 2011 Cricket world cup hosted nations but it was taken back because of security threat in Pakistan. Last year, Sri Lankan cricket team were attacked in Pakistan by some terrorist.

Australia has won the most number of times i.e 4 times while West Indies 2, India 1, Pakistan 1 and Sri Lanka 1. Interestingly, England who taught the Cricket to the world, has never won the World Cup yet. Here are the Countries which have won the Cricket World cup :

Year Venue Winner 1st Runner Up
1975 England West Indies Australia
1979 England West Indies England
1983 England India West Indies
1989 India Australia England
1992 Australia Pakistan England
1996 India SriLanka Australia
1999 England Australia Pakistan
2003 South Africa Australia India
2007 West Indies Australia Sri Lanka


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  2. in 1992 pakistan win the world cup and in 2011 india win the world cup.
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